Sponsored Programs

Welcome to Sponsored Programs!

OSPRI is here to support your grant and funding needs. This page includes links to resources such as  frequently needed information for grants and proposals, forms and documents, information about processes and procedures, and much more. Get started by familiarizing yourself with the OSPRI Proposal Submission Process below.

Please contact osp@uccs.edu if you have any questions or need any additional help getting where you need to go.

Shows a flowchart of the OSP submission process. This process is also detailed below in list form.

The Proposal Submission Process

  1. Find Your Funding

    UCCS has a number of resources to help you find funding. As soon as you know, contact OSP to review guidelines, receive deadlines, and get assistance.

  2. Contact Your Department

    Contact your department liaison to confirm the proposal submission process. If you aren't sure who that is, check our Sponsored Programs Administrators Network (SPAN) page or contact OSPRI for help.

  3. Develop Your Budget

    Start working on the draft budget and budget justification and submit it at least ten (10) working days prior to the proposal deadline. Budget templates (and other important documents) can be found on the OSP Forms page.

  4. Routing Form

    Prepare and route the OSPRI Routing Form for the required signatures. The most up-to-date routing form is always posted on the OSP Forms page. Please remember that the routing form must be submitted to OSPRI with all required signatures before any proposals will be submitted.

  5. Submit Your Completed Proposal Package

    Your proposal package is due five (5) working days prior to the proposal deadline. It will include your approved budget and justification, a signed routing form, and all other required sponsor documentation. OSPRI will review the completed package and, once approved, will submit your proposal.

  6. Funded or Not Funded

    OSPRI will track your proposal. If funded, you'll continue to work with OSPRI and Sponsored Projects Accounting as you move through the post-award lifestage. If not funded, you can look for other opportunities OR revise your proposal to re-submit.

OSPRI is here to help you! Explore our guidance documents and informational pages below to learn more about what we and our partners do. Please don't hesitate to contact OSP with your questions.