The Sponsored Programs Administrators Network (SPAN)


The Sponsored Programs Administrators Network

See the SPAN Quick Start Guide for resources needed to assist faculty with their research duties.

Please visit the Sponsored Projects Accounting website site for the SPAN meeting schedule and other helpful resources. 

The College/Departmental Administrator is the key point of contact in the area of pre- and post-award administration of sponsored research, instruction, and other activities.

Department Contact Email Address
Anthropology Sarah Hutton
BioFrontiers Kristen Petersen
Biology Rosy Mora de Mondragon
Chemistry & Biochemistry Ryan Olson
College of Business Robin Bredl
College of Education Tomoko Weggener

Computer Science

Shari Huscher
Laura Edwards
Economics Tim McDonnell

Electrical and Computer Engineering Eva Wynhorst
Laura Edwards
Engineering and Applied Science Laura Edwards
EPIIC Carrie Olson
Geography Monica Beltran

Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Pedro Santiago
Pauline Hoyte
Heller Center for Arts and Humanities TBD  
Kramer Family Library Brad Bailey
Languages & Cultures Anabell Sintas
Letters, Arts and Sciences (available for support if primary department contact is unavailable) Jacqui Hatfield
Sherry McDonnell
Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience Elyse Dunckley          
Mathematics Emanuelita Martinez
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Stephanie Vigil
Laura Edwards
Physics Kristina Woods
Political Science Tim McDonnell
Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center Cheri McLean
Psychology Andrea Williams
College of Public Service Cortney Strack-Loertscher
Sociology Rosemary Kelbel
Student Success and Enrollment Management Charles Kuehler
Veterans and Military Student Affairs TBD  
Visual & Performing Arts AJ Vafiades


SPAN Meeting Schedule

Visit SPA's website for the SPAN meeting schedule and planned topics.


SPAN Mentors

Some SPAN members have volunteered to mentor and assist new departmental administrators. The SPAN mentors are listed below.

Trauma, Health & Hazards Center and School of Public Affairs Elyse Dunckley
Biofrontiers Kristen Petersen
Psychology Andrea Williams


Required Trainings for SPAN members