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Research Involving Human Subjects IRB

Dear research community,

Considering the campus’ move to a mask optional policy, the IRB will no longer require masks in the majority of in-person research settings. The exceptions being those laid out in the policy (e.g., campus clinics). We echo the sentiments of the provost and encourage PIs to respect the personal choice of their research personnel and participants. We still encourage the use of precautions, especially in high-risk environments or with high-risk populations. However, these precautions are no longer a condition of approval of in-person research.

If you have a currently approved protocol that requires masks and you are choosing to move your protocol to a mask optional model, you do not have to file a formal Request of Change. Please simply email the IRB that you are removing the mask requirement from your protocol and implement the change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to OSPRI staff.


OSPRI Staff 3/3/2022

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