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IRBManager Online IRB Application

Online IRB Application

IRBManager is an electronic system for IRB application submission and management of IRB-related study records. The system provides automation to the IRB application and review process with conditioned questions, electronic signatures and routing, and email notifications. It also allows for collaboration between researchers when completing the IRB application, as well as collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity during IRB review of the application. The system maintains all IRB-related records for your studies.

Click here to log into IRBManager (Live on 5/28/2019)   UCCS faculty, staff and students can use their UCCS campus log in.

IRBManager User Manual

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IRBManager FAQs

(More general IRB FAQs can be found here.)

Working with Human Subject - Information for our researchers in response to COVID-19
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Why is my Faculty Advisor or other study personnel not showing up when I try to add them?
Do I have to list a Faculty Advisor if I am a student?
When I clicked to sign the application nothing happened, what should I do?
My research is an online survey. Is my site UCCS?
How do I make changes to my approved protocol?
There is an addendum attached to my application that does not apply to my research, what do I do?
Is there a limit to the types of files that can be uploaded to a protocol?