Recent Awards


Recent Awards

Fiscal Year 2022 Awards





Award Month

Sylvia Mendez Track 3: Increasing Minority Presence within Academia through Continuous Training at Scale (IMPACTS) Leadership, Research, and Foundations Georgia Institute of Technology Subaward November
Steven Tragesser Non-Keplerian Proximity Operations Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering MITRE Corporation October
Adham Atyabi, Monique French Lightweight-Low Cost Hyperspectral Sensor Integration to Support Urban Air Mobility Operations Computer Science, Quantitative Methods Spectrabotics October
Season Doebler UCCS Family Development Center CCAMPIS Family Development Center U.S. Department of Education October
Eugenia Olesnicky Elucidating the Neural Specific Functions of the RNA-binding Protein Caper in Neural Development and Neurodegeneration Biology National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke October
Jugal Kalita Collaborative Research: FW-HTF-P: The Future of Virtual Teams: Enhancing Collaborative Creativity and Socio-cognitive wellbeing in Video-based Teams Engineering & Applied Sciences National Science Foundation September
Jugal Kalita, Joshua Alcorn 2022 DOD CySP Grant - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Engineering & Applied Sciences National Security Agency September
Guy Hagen Imaging Cells and Tissues with Super-Resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy BioFrontiers National Institutes of Health August
Omid Semiari Collaborative Research: NeTS: JUNO3: Towards an Internet of Federated Digital Twins (loFDT) for Society 5.0: Fundamentals and Experimentation Electrical & Computer Engineering National Science Foundation August
Amy Klocko CRIPR-Induced Floral Gene Mutation as a Means for Genetic Containment in Poplar: Efficacy, Stability, and Chimerism in Field-Grown Trees Biology USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Award August
Anna Kosloski Indigenous-led Research on Sex Trafficking among Native Americans in the Northern Great Plains Criminal Justice  University of Nebraska-Lincoln Subaward August
Judy Scott Direct Care Workforce Curriculum and Training Program Nursing Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Award August
Jessica Kirby Comprehensive Psychoeducation to Support and Sustain Student-Athlete Psychological Well-Being and Resilience Health Sciences National Collegiate Athletic Association August
Ezio Iacocca Non-Hermitian and Topological Magnonics with Interacting Artificial Spin Ices for Reconfigurable Microwave Devices Physics & Energy Science National Science Foundation August
Jose Tapia-Fuselier Regulating Through Relationship: Linking Social Emotional Wellness to Child-Teacher Relationships Counseling & Human Services Early Milestones Colorado Award August
Lissanna Follari UCCS IECE Apprenticeship and Competency-to-Credit Project Teaching & Learning Colorado Department of Early Childhood Award July
Heather Littleton The Role of Stigma in Partner Violence: A Social Psychological and Ecological Perspective Psychology University of Nebraska Subaward July
Caitlin Lowans UCCS Theatreworks Presents August Wilson's THE PIANO LESSON Theatreworks National Endowment for the Arts July
Sang-Yoon Chang Trust Network Model for 6G Networking Security Computer Science Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute July
Sang-Yoon Chang Securing Availability for 6G Flying Base Station Control and Communications Computer Science Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute July


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