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Recent Awards

Fiscal Year 2021 Awards





Award Month

Jessi Smith, Emily Skop, Heather Song, Sylvia Mendez, Elizabeth Daniels Adaptation: Project CREST - Changing Research Experiences, Structures, and (in)Tolerance through the Adaptation of Promising Equity Practices Psychology, Geography & Environmental Studies, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Leadership/Research & Foundations,  National Science Foundation June
Shouhuai Xu, Charles Benight, Yanyan Zhuang CICI: UCSS: ACSP4HR: Assuring Cyber Security and Privacy for Human Resilience Research: Requirements, Framework, Architecture, Mechanisms and Prototype Cybersecurity, Psychology, Computer Science National Science Foundation June
Sang-Yoon Chang Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Cyber Academy Pilot Program Computer Science Watcom Community College Subaward June
Kevin Tvrdy Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Hydrogel Formulations for the Single Chirality Purification of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Chemistry & Biochemistry National Science Foundation May
Shouhuai Xu REU Supplement: SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: A Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Cyber Attack Classification and Clustering Mechanisms Computer Science National Science Foundation May
Kathy Prue-Owens Nurses' Lived Experience of COVID-19: A Mixed Method Study Nursing Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation May
Max Shulman, Jennifer Kling To the Battlefield and Back Again: Conversations on War, Trauma, and Life After Services Theatre, Philosophy National Endowment for the Humanities April
Mark Tomforde Graph C*-algebras and Leavitt Path Algebras: Classification and Structure Mathematics Simons Foundation Grant Transfer Award April
Adham Atyabi, Monique French Lightweight-Low Cost Hyperspectral Sensor Integration to Support Urban Air Mobility Operations Computer Science and Quantitative Methods Spectrabotics Subcontract April
Kimberly Reeves Colorado Tree Coalition Tree Grant Sustainability Office Colorado Tree Coalition  March
Michele Okun, Leilani Feliciano Insomnia Phenotypes and their Impact on Maternal and Infant Health Psychology Department National Institutes of Health March
Shouhuai Xu A Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Cyber Attack Classification and Clustering Mechanisms Computer Science National Science Foundation March
Magdalene Lim Aging Families and Caregiver Program Psychology Department Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments February
Gretchen Bliss, Gurvirender Tejay 2020 CAE CSUSB Cybersecurity, Information Systems California State University/San Bernardino February
Jugal Kalita, Adham Atyabi REU Site: Deep Learning: Theory, Concepts and Applications Computer Science National Science Foundation February
Brandon Runnels Mesoscale and continuum modeling of solid-phase to determine continuum burn rates in AP/HTPB Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Office of Naval Research February
Greg Plett, Scott Trimboli NSF Engineering Research Center for Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE) Electrical Engineering Utah State University  February
Gedare Bloom CAREER: Foundations for Real-Time System Security Computer Science National Science Foundation February
Greg Plett, Scott Trimboli Battery Model for Broadband Load Electrical Engineering Cirrus Logic December
Yanyan Zhuang, Terry Boult, Jessi Smith CC* Planning: UCCS Computational Cluster for Science Computer Science and Psychology National Science Foundation December
Gedare Bloom REU Supplement - CiCi: SSC: Real-Time Operating System and Network Security for Scientific Middleware Computer Science National Science Foundation November
Jena McCollum Understanding Structure-Property Relationships in P (VDF-CTFE) Binders Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Triad National November
Kathy Prue-Owens Nurses Lived Experience of COVID-19: a Mixed Method Study Nursing Penrose St. Francis November
Hui Wan Dynamic Modeling on Descending of a Small LTAV Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Air Force Institute of Technology November
Magdalene Lim Next Steps: Identifying Barriers and Optimizing Independence of At-Risk Seniors Psychology NextFifty November
Irina Kopteva Remote Teaching of Earth and Environmental Science with Primary Sources Geography Metropolitan State University November
Charles Benight El Paso County Method Pandemic Crisis Community Resilience NIHR, Psychology El Paso County Public Health November
Season Doebler CARES Act: Child Care Sustainability Grants Kraemer Family Library Colorado State Library October
Rhonda Glazier 2020-2021 State Grants to Libraries Kraemer Family Library Colorado Department of Education October
Nanna Meyer Farmers Market Promotion Program Human Physiology and Nutrition USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service October
Cortny Stark The Practitioner Education Expansion Program Counseling & Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration September
Terry Boult Support of STTR for OmniScience Computer Science OmniScience September
Gurvirender Tejay, Robert Block, Gary Klein NCAE-C Grant: UCCS College of Business National Security Agency September
Joseph Taylor Comparing the Efficacy of Collaborative Professional Development Formats for Improving Student Outcomes of a Student-Teacher-Scientist Partnership Program Leadership, Research, and Foundations Botanical Society of America September
Andrew Klocko Genome topology in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa: organizing factors and impact on genome function Chemistry National Institutes of Health September
Charles Benight GRIT4Health NIHR, Psychology Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


Brandon Runnels, Qing Yi, Byeong Lee, Amanda Morgenstern, Matt Quinlan MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computing Cluster for Next-Generation Computational Science in Southern Colorado Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemistry National Science Foundation


Emily Mooney How Native Host Plant Variation Shapes a Facultative Ant-Butterfly Mutualism Biology Colorado Native Plants Society August
David Havlick Outdoor Programs for Active Duty Military Service Members and Veterans: Military, Veterans Affairs, and Public Land Agency Connections Geography USDA, Forest Service


Melissa Benton, Andrea Hutchins Dry Bean Health Research Program Nursing, Human Physiology and Nutrition Northarvest Bean Growers Association August
Debbie Pollard Nurse Family Partnership Nursing Colorado Department of Human Services August
Omid Semiari Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Small: Extended Reality over Wireless Cellular Networks: Quality-of-Experience Analysis and Optimization Electrical and Computer Engineering National Science Foundation August
Nanna Meyer Food - Literacy - Security for a College Community Human Physiology & Nutrition Trailhead Institute August
Peter Pino Peace Officers Standards and Testing for Enforcement Training UCCS Police Department Colorado Department of Law July
Caitlin Lowans Mobile Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream Theatreworks Arts Midwest July
Magdalene Lim PACE Graduate Student Training UCCS Aging Center Rocky Mountain Health Care Services July
Vicki Taylor 2020 GenCyber University of Colorado Colorado Springs Pre-Collegiate Development Program National Security Agency July
Mary Hayden RAPID: Responding to extreme heat in time of COVID-19 National Institute for Human Resilience University Corporation for Atmospheric Research July


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