Review and Audit Awareness

Review and Audit Awareness

Federal and non-federal sponsors may perform audits to inspect the University's sponsored accounts and processes to ensure compliance with the sponsor's financial requirements. Audits occur as part of federal requirements, as part of specific award terms, and on an ad hoc basis at the sponsor's discretion.

Sponsored agreements funded with public money (federal, state, and local government awards; subcontracts under government prime grants and contracts) are subject to auditors’ full review of all award activity (program and financial). All activities must comply with sponsor terms and conditions and applicable regulations.

All audit requests should be directed to the UCCS Controller’s Sponsored Projects Accounting Office (SPA) at and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI) at


Types of Reviews and Audits

Internal Audit (IA)– Periodically, the CU Department of Internal Audit may perform an internal audit of operations. These audits are performed to ensure that UCCS is proactive in our compliance efforts and to improve our organization’s operations. Through this internal audit process, OSPRI, SPA, Controller, departments, and Principal Investigators (PI) work with IA and management to identify potential improvements, provide training moments for staff, and share best grant management practices observed in other units across campus.

Desk Audit/Review– Sponsors may request a general review of an institution and its internal controls. This may include reviewing a particular invoice to ensure the expenditure is allowable, allocable, and reasonable. The sponsor may request documentation related to UCCS policies or procedures to verify compliance.

Site Visit– Sponsors may send representatives to campus periodically to interview the PI and administrative staff and review files retained at UCCS. In some cases, they may also review procedures used to process and monitor transactions within an award. Reviewers typically begin with Sponsored Projects Accounting.

Annual Uniform Guidance (UG) Single Audit– Each year, UCCS is audited in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200.501(b) that requires an annual external audit of non-Federal entities expending $750,000 or more during the non-Federal entity’s fiscal year in Federal awards. This audit is coordinated through the CU System’s Office of University Controller with the UCCS Controller’s Office and Sponsored Projects Accounting

SPA Audit– Sponsored Projects Accountants periodically select awards to review budgets for actuals, gift card programs, subcontracts, allowability of expenditures, cost transfers, effort reporting, financial reporting, etc. The reviewer will contact the department and/or PI with any questions or concerns.