Cloud Based Computing and Videoconferencing and Export Controls

Cloud Computing

Cloud Based Computing and Videoconferencing and Export Controls

Do not store export-controlled data or software on any cloud computing services including OneDrive for Business. Options for cloud computing services for Export-controlled data are very limited.

Cloud-based videoconferencing systems, such as Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams are not export control compliant.

UCCS researchers should not discuss or share export-controlled data or technology (including screenshots, screenshares, recordings) using videoconferencing systems, as these cloud-based systems are without end-to-end encryption protections and users can be located all over the world.  Only use export compliant data-sharing and collaboration tools for sharing export-controlled data and technology. 

If you have questions or would like to explore using cloud-based computing or  videoconferencing  on your export-controlled project please contact Mike Sanderson in the OSPRI via email at

Additional  Resources

Questions? Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI) at for assistance with export control questions related to cloud computing and export controls.