Hiring and Visas

Hiring and Visas

Hiring and Visas

Questions? Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (exportcontrol@uccs.edu) for assistance with export control questions related to Hiring and Visas.


Hiring & Visas

UCCS relies on the Office of International Education (OIE) in Boulder to process the I-129 requests. With this in mind, OIE is the place to start once your department has decided on hiring an international employee using a specific visa type (H-1B, O1, TN, E3). Most of the hires at UCCS in the past have used the H-1B visa type.

For general H-1B information, visit http://www.colorado.edu/isss/hiring.

General process:

  • The hiring department decides to hire a foreign national who needs a visa.
  • The hiring department decides what visa type should be used for the foreign national.
  • If the visa type to be used is H-1B or any other type listed above, the hiring department should contact ISSS office in Boulder (isssdirector@colorado.edu) before filling out any of the forms on the OIE website.
    • ISSS will provide you with the correct forms to use and direct you to Mike Sanderson in the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI) at UCCS to process the export control certification required by Homeland Security.
      • The export control certification process may take 1-2 weeks.
      • OSPRI will return the form to the hiring department.
      • It is best to start with the ISSS office in Boulder before requesting the export control certification from OSPRI.
  • The hiring department collects and sends all of the required information to ISSS in Boulder. Once ISSS has the information, they will start the process of filing paperwork with the Department of Labor (DOL). When that is complete, they will start the process of filing paperwork with Homeland Security.
  • Please note processing times on the petition is normally 2-4 months (currently 4 or more). The hiring department may want to pay additional fees to expedite the process (contact ISSS in Boulder for more information).
  • Once ISSS in Boulder receives the approval, they will contact the hiring department and the foreign hire.
  • The hiring department may want to contact Human Resources (HR) to learn about any HR processes.
  • To learn more visit the ISSS UCCS Resource Page


UCCS I-129 H1B Form

UCCS I-129 H1B Electronic Signature PDF

When filling out a fillable PDF form, you may need to sign and then "Print to PDF" before sending. However, if you are a Mac user, do not "Print to PDF." The completed fields may not be visible when opened on a Windows system.

J-1 Visiting Scholars

When faculty or departments receive requests for an international visitor to visit campus using a J-1 Visa program the department should contact the UCCS Office of International Affairs to learn more about campus processes.

  • The export control officer will work with International Affairs as needed and perform:
    • Restricted Party Screenings
    • Fundamental Research Reviews
    • Determine if there are any additional export control concerns i.e. working on a project with a technology control plan

Hiring & Visas FAQ

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