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Conflict of Interest -COI

*NEW* NASA is implementing a new Conflict of Interest Policy on 12/1/2023. The Grant Information Circular (GIC) 23-07  outlines the revisions to section 3.3 of the NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Manual (GCAM) . These new requirements include the need to disclose certain conflicts of interest to NASA. To learn more, visit the Federal Register Conflicts of Interest Policy for Recipients of NASA Financial Assistance Awards published on 8/31/2023.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is committed to ensuring that our faculty and scholars are provided an open and productive environment to conduct research. UCCS understands that research often requires interacting with outside institutions and persons, which may require individuals to identify any relationships involving financial gain that could compromise or appear to compromise its integrity.

With this in mind, all individuals who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of basic, animal, or clinical research (including, but not limited to, obtaining informed consent, making decisions about eligibility to participate in research data, collecting data, entering data, analyzing data, assisting in writing and submission of research manuscripts for publication or presentation) must:

  •     have a current conflict of interest disclosure on file with HR;
  •     complete any required conflict of interest  training;
  •     ensure compliance with campus and sponsor conflict of interest requirements; and
  •     if needed, have a Conflict of Interest Management plan on record with HR.

Please review the items below for additional information.

COI Disclosures with HR