Institutional Commitment Letter

 Institutional Commitment Letter


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August 30, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff, 


At the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) we are committed to supporting international growth by proactively assisting our community with administrative and informational guidance regarding Export Control regulations. These regulations apply to controlled technology, information, software and certain activities, to include the following: collaborations, foreign visitors, international travel, some online degree programs, hand-carrying items, receiving items (donation, temporary, purchasing), shipping (both importing and exporting) and utilizing items in research.  

The Export Control regulations expand across the entire university, not just the research community. The complexity of these regulations, as well as the influx state of U.S. policy regarding global affairs, creates continual regulatory changes. 

Please know it is each employee's responsibility to understand and/or seek guidance on any export control requirements related to their work to ensure no exports are made contrary to those requirements. Violations of the export control laws may give rise to personal and institutional liabilities and penalties.  

How can Export Controls affect you? 

Activities that may have export control considerations include: 

  • Research and activities conducted at UCCS — whether funded or unfunded — if the project involves any requirements to approve publication or foreign national restrictions.  
  • Traveling out of the country with protected data or university equipment, which may require additional licenses or registrations. 
  • Transferring (in or out of the U.S.) export-controlled data or materials (e.g., sending gas monitoring sensors out of the U.S. or teaching a foreign national how to operate an infrared camera).  
  • Transactions with an OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctioned country such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria, presenting research, accepting an award, or providing a service, like registering a student for an online degree program or course located in a sanctioned country.  

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI) at UCCS works in conjunction with several offices to educate the campus community on issues related to export controls. OSPRI has resources available to support faculty and staff. Visit the Export Controls website for the statement of policy and principles, key definitions, training, FAQs and contact information.  

Please reach out to Mike Sanderson in OSPRI via email at if you have any questions.  



Kelli Klebe

Interim Provost

University of Colorado Colorado Springs