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Export Control Licensing

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Questions? Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI) at exportcontrol@uccs.edu for assistance with export control questions before engaging in any international collaborations.


Export Control Licensing Overview

Only a designated 'empowered official' may apply for a license. Any request for an export license for a controlled item must be initiated through UCCS Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (OSPRI).

An export control license is the U.S. government mechanism to allow and trace transfers of export controlled technologies. License requests must be submitted to the specific federal agency responsible; the Department of State for ITAR-controlled items, the Department of Commerce for EAR-controlled items, and OFAC for OFAC-controlled countries.

If a researcher has a project/technology that is export controlled and needs an export license to proceed, he/she must curtail the activity until an exception/exclusion is identified or a license is approved. Note that "deemed exports" may also require a license.

A license application and approval/denial can take up to six months for review before a final determination is made. A license for each foreign person and a separate license must be obtained for each project on which each foreign person is working. The licensing process must be completed prior to beginning research on the project.

Each license is for a specific export transaction. If there is concern that a license may or may not be needed, please contact OSPRI as soon as possible to allow for an analysis of the need and to process the application.

General Export Control Licensing Process

There are five phases to the export controls license request process: Assessment, development, review and submission, determination, and implementation.  It can be time consuming to complete this process, so it is important that it is started as soon as possible.  Remember that the activity in question cannot take place until either an export license is obtained or it is determined that a license request is not necessary.

To determine if a license is required, four questions must be answered:

  • What is being exported (is it controlled and which agency controls it)?
  • Where is it going or is it a deemed export?
  • Who is receiving it and what is their citizenship?
  • How will it be used?​